Pricing + Services




High Performance Coaching

Individual: $1997/12 Sessions

Certified High Performance Coaching is a 12 session program that focusses on 5 key areas essential for heightened and sustained success. We will work for one hour a week, over the course of twelve weeks, covering one of the 5 key areas to help cultivate the appropriate mindset and strategies necessary to move you forward. 

Group Coaching: $97/Person per Session

As a group we will go through the 12 session CHPC series. This is designed to be accessible to those who prefer working in a group environment, or for those whom the individual sessions are inaccessible to. 

Groups range between 4-10 people, small enough to still receive personalized attention, while also working with others for accountability and community through our online Facebook Group. 

Team Coaching: $5997 — 12 Sessions

CHPC Team Coaching is a perfect option for  business, management, or leadership teams of any size, who are looking to take their teams to the next level of performance, to learn skills and strategies that will enable greater overall success, and generate heightened levels of clarity, focus, and productivity. 


Social Media Branding & Marketing Strategies 

$597/Month — 4 weekly one hour sessions, and a personalized social media strategy plan that will help you build your business presence and reach a greater network of people near you. This is for anyone who isn't sure how to use the business side of social media, and needs help in learning the in's and out's of how to do it, and do it right!

This service is to help small businesses leverage and monetize the power of social media for their brand and network marketing. With the tools currently accessible to us on social media sites, there is ample opportunity to use social media channels to build a brand, generate brand awareness, and bolster both sales AND passive income, using the social media market space. Its all about learning how to use the tools, create a strategy, and knowing how to create relevant content for your target market. 

Leadership Management & Team Development Coaching 

Individual Coaching: $897/month 4 weekly, two hour sessions. 

Looking for leadership support, or need help navigating the stress and demands of owning a business and/or managing a team? This one-on-one coaching service is perfect for small business owners and managers, and is more targeted than the CHPC sessions toward business development and success. It is designed to help you develop greater self-leadership and team leadership skills, as well as strategies to help you become more effective and efficient in running your business, and help you build upon the overall performance of your business. 

Business Team Coaching: $1997/month 4 weekly two hour sessions. (On-site or remote options available.)

This includes everything in the one-on-one sessions, but is accessible to the entire business team. This is a great option for team learning and culture building. 

1-Day Leadership Workshop: $2995 —  Available to small and medium business teams, over the course of 6 hours we will provide skills and strategies for the entire team to utilize; covering general business insights, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, communication, work ethic, conflict resolution tactics, stress management and productivity. 



Small Business Consulting 

$1087 — 4 weekly, two hour strategy sessions for small business owners who need help in their business map, business strategy, systems optimization and maximization, marketing strategy, time management, and productivity.